Friday, December 9, 2011

Stacey Turner-Managing Owner

Stacey Turner wears a lot of hats for Angelic Knight Press. She started out a few months back as a young lady following our blog. Soon after, she became an editor. Then she became our chief Editor(yes, the more we grow, the more editing expertise we will need). It wasn't long and Stacey was elevated to the position of CEO.

Okay, that's history, and most of you are aware of that already. Forward to the present, and Stacey is now a co-owner with Yvonne and me. From this point forward, Stacey Turner is our Managing Owner. What does this mean? Quite simply: it means Stacey is running the Press. Forget that Yvonne and I are around. We have our jobs to do-more on that in a moment. If there are any questions about anything at all in regards to the running of Angelic Knight Press, direct them to Stacey, please. The Press can not have people going to Yvonne and me trying to garner special favors. I'm a patsy, plain and simple: I try to please everyone. I don't have a firm enough hand. Bad Blaze. Sometimes, that turns into a gigantic time suck which takes me away from what I'm supposed to do.

Stacey will also be handling our CreateSpace accounts for us. She is an outstanding record keeper as well as Editor and everything else she does. There will be other responsibilities she will be handling,too.

So quite simply, Stacey is running the Press. Blaze told her he might suggest things but that it is her decision to okay them or not. On submissions, all three owners, Yvonne, Stacey, and I will make joint decisions. Two votes and a submission is in or out. That stays the same. Also, Stacey will have daily, or as close to daily as possible, discussions with Yvonne and I as to what is happening.

Stacey will be the one coordinating the cover art and formatting with Rebecca and Kathy. This way nothing will be missed. Sometimes my computer misses messages and such or forgets to relay them on. Bad Blaze again.

So what do Yvonne and Blaze do?

Yvonne is in charge of our special links and new promotional outlets for us to display and sell our books. DriveThru Fiction is an example of this. She figured everything out for us there, and we are selling books through them. More to come with those great avenues. Yvonne is also doing formatting. Her programming is enabling Stacey to do things in a much better organized and efficient manner. Yvonne is also helping Blaze format his tales with other publishers. Why is this important? Cross-promotion with other small publishers allows all of us to benefit. We must stick together, work together, and respect each other. We do this with Vamplit Publishing, Netbound Publishing, Rymfire, and others. This is key. Major. I couldn't be doing this without Yvonne. She is doing all of this and so much more while handling a full time job and many family responsibilities.

We all know the talents of Rebecca Treadway, our great Art Director. This young lady is a genius and a tireless worker. I can hardly wait to see her next covers for us!

Kathy Rowe, our Formatting Specialist, helps us get our books out in all the various ebook and print options. She's quite an eclectic writer and farmer as well. In some future post, I wish to discuss her books.

That leaves Blaze. What do I do? Blaze is the Chief Financial Officer for the Press. Without money, there would be no books. Quality Editing, Cover Art, and Formatting cost money. Some of you would be quite surprised how much cash is needed to pay the bills. I need time to gather the resources. Plain and simple. My co-owners and team are very capable in their jobs. They need to be paid. My authors must receive their royalties. Promotion is needed. All of these are my jobs. No one else can do their jobs if I don't do mine.

So, my friends, we now have a more efficient Angelic Knight Press. Stacey has the power to do what she needs to do to keep everything running smoothly. She has worked very hard for the Press and all our authors and readers. Congratulations, Stacey.

Welcome our new Managing Owner!


  1. My word; so much work you guys do! Hats off to you as I have a very good idea of how much goes into this business.

  2. Thank you, Cindy! You do know all the hats needed in the publishing biz, don't you? We'll make Stacey go bald from wearing them.



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