Friday, December 23, 2011

Chris Devlin Writes About Tattered Cover Book Store

Wendy Howard at Vamplit showed this to me a while back. She and I are both excited about the potential for authors at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver. Wendy lives close by, and I'm only 100 miles away. This is the largest Indie book store in the nation. and you know what? They showcase Indie authors. The little piece below explains their Espresso Book Machine. What a concept! At any rate, it's pretty obvious to see that this is a store determined to stay afloat when many others will crumble.

Read the entire article from Chris Devlin and check out her blog for other interesting pieces as well. This lady knows her stuff!

Guess who plans on taking a trip down to Denver to visit the store? Maybe Cindy Keen Reynders and I can meet up with Wendy. The more the merrier!

November 11, 2011 (DENVER, CO) Tattered Cover Book Store is excited to announce the installation of an Espresso Book Machine®(EBM) in their Historic LoDo location. This brings a revolutionary book-printing technology to one of the largest and most respected independent booksellers in the world.
The EBM is the only digital-to-print at retail solution on the market. The technology will allow the newly created Tattered Cover Press to become a community self-publishing center, offering services to self-published authors as well as families, non-profits, schools, business, and other community organizations. Through the SelfEspress software, writers can format, design, edit, and upload their physical book for printing and inclusion on the EBM catalog, as well as convert the print file to an .epub format suitable for e-readers.
The EBM will also provide a new sales channel for publishers and vastly increase the availability of titles available at Tattered Cover, reducing loss of sales due to books being out-of-stock. Within minutes, the EBM can produce a bookstore quality paperback with color cover, in any standard trim size, at point of sale. The content is fed to the machine via EspressNet, On Demand Books growing digital network of over seven million titles (including public domain, in copyright, and self-published). The EBM improves efficiency and sustainability by reducing shipping, returns, and the pulping of unwanted books.


  1. You didn't think I was going to leave you out of this, Cindy, did you?



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