Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Authors For "Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers" Have Been Selected

Pretty soon, Rebecca will have her cover finished for "Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers," so I have this old picture here, but we have decided on which great authors to include. We received some outstanding submissions! This array of tales is very eclectic. I love them all. Once again, Stacey had to tell some folks that we couldn't accept them, but that doesn't mean the stories weren't great. Maybe next time for these great authors. I have explained once before that this is a team effort when it comes to selecting our authors. It takes two out of three votes. Blaze does not always win.

Our authors are:
1. Teel James Glenn
2. Craig Saunders
3. Lisamarie Lamb
4. Henry Gravelle
5. Sue Mydliak
6. Stacey Turner
7. Yvonne Bishop
8. Carson Buckingham
9. Phil Hickes
10. Joe Mogel
11. Lisa McCourt Hollar
12. Armand Rosamilia
13. Tim Finn
14. Jason McKinney
15. Scott M. Goriscak
16. Jack Horne
17. Rob M. Miller
18. Steve W. Roberts
19. J.G. Williams
20. Blaze McRob

Congratulations to all you great authors!

We will be sending out author contracts soon.

One interesting point is that we have four New Jersey writers in this great tome. :D However, we have some authors from Great Britain, as well, with their fantastic stories adding a great touch. Add in the wonderful midwest and coastal writers and we have bedevilment from everywhere.

We will be giving updates and more history as we go along.

Ooh, la, la!


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