Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Book Signing And Book Placement News

Blaze had a wonderful time at the Comic-Con and came back with some great ideas, links, how-to's, etc. There were writers, cover artists, cartoon artists, store owners, and fans there. Even if I hadn't wanted to add comics to Angelic Knight Press's line, it would have been an all around win situation. The man who writes "The Green Hornet" comic line was there. He also writes short stories and novels. Ron Fortier is his name. He is a great guy! I talked with him for hours about all aspects of conventional and comic writing.

I met up and coming horror writers and poets from the Colorado, Wyoming area and got my foot in the door to place my books in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I also firmed up a deal to place our books in the Cheyenne comic store. Horror writers and readers will be thrilled to know that "Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls," "Bipedal," and "I Believe In Werewolves," and our future titles, will be placed next to Brian Keene, Stephen King, and other great writers.

The way that I arranged to do business there is quite simple: I buy Angelic Knight and Netbound books that I'm in at wholesale price and pass the savings on to the store owner. He will pay me the agreed on price when a block of ten books is sold. I promised not to go hog wild on him when I have the book signings. I will add other books in as we go along. Of course, his store goes for the horror books.

Enter the non-horror books: I arranged to place books of all types in a used-book store on a consignment basis. Once more, we have an agreed upon price for each book. Today, I firmed up another Indie book store in town for horror and non-horror books to be placed. This lady will buy books from me on the condition I have a book signing in the store. Cash up front is good. I will have at least two book signings for me, and I would like to set up two for Cindy Keen Reynders contingent on her accepting the offer from the store. Again, it's a win/win.

I will be publishing books through Vamplit-yes, Gaynor, I haven't forgotten you-and will be selling those as well.

So, Blaze has been busy. It's time to sell some books, my friends!



  1. Very interesting. I can't wait for the paperback of Satan's Toybox to arrive. I too hope to talk with some local book stores in my area. Unfortunately, there are not many, but we have vendor shows all the time at our local attractions. Great job Blaze and again, congrats. Efi Loo says you are the cats meow when it comes to writing and publishing. :)

  2. Awesome job getting into the mom and pop stores, where most true fans still (hopefully) shop... wish I had the stores in Florida to do this as well, always great to get the books into people's actual hands instead of as a thumbnail on a website... once again, Blaze, nice job!

    Armand Rosamilia

  3. Freeing you up to do marketing has really paid off! You've definitely been getting around and setting up great connections for us. I plan to be out and about and doing the same around here.

    Go Angelic Knight Press!



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