Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture Tease

This is a teaser for those wondering what the cover will look like for "Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls." This particular picture is part of the background for the cover. Not only the picture, but the colors are so spooky. Wait until the entire cover is completed! Be still our beating hearts! Or, the silent hearts of those no longer beating.

Halloween will be special this year!


  1. I love Rebecca's concept for the cover and her attention to detail. She is one amazing artist. I can't wait for the anthology's release! I'm so proud to be a part of it.


  2. We are ALL working so hard to make this a GREAT anthology, Stacey. Yvonne, you, Rebecca, Kathy, and I are all busting butt! LOVE THE COVER ART!


  3. This will be a superb cover, Cindy! Yours will be great, too!

  4. Very creepy! Love it and look forward to reading the stories as well. Keep up the spooky hard work!


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