Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yvonne's new book "Bipedal," is up on Smashwords! We will soon have it available on Amazon Kindle and in print as well. Needless to say, Yvonne is very excited!

Not only is Yvonne excited, but I am over the top! Everyone knows Yvonne and I are soul-mates. I met her through her words and encouraged her to persevere when other people told her to give up. She did not give up. This little masterpiece of hers is testament to what hard work can achieve. She should be an example to all of us to pursue our dreams; say no to naysayers; to be true to yourself; and to continually hone your craft.

Stacey Turner, our Editor is excited as well. She and Yvonne worked together to polish "Bipedal" and it shows. They work so well together. Mutual respect is the key behind an author/editor relationship. Thank you, Stacey.

To start everything off, we have a page up on Facebook for "Bipedal." The first twenty people to go over there and like the page will receive a free copy available at Smashwords. Just leave your name and a way for me to email you the coupon, and we'll send it out to you. An honest review would be appreciated but in no way mandatory. I will put up another post pertaining specifically to this.

Below is a little snippet from the book. Enjoy!

It was late October, the time of year one expects brisk winds rustling withered leaves still clinging tenaciously to the branches of dormant trees, decaying flowers returning to the soil from which they sprang, crisp apples and jack-o-lanterns. One does not imagine a blizzard, definitely not one with the ferocity of this storm. The entire Cheyenne region, spanning the broad plateau to the grand monoliths, lay blanketed under a layer of fresh fallen snow. Dense clouds blotted out the blood red Hunter’s Moon and every so often the thunder and lightning embedded in the gale rumbled and illuminated the evening sky. Nonetheless, Phoenix did not yield. She'd weathered worse than this snowstorm.
An investigative reporter for the Denver Post, her assignment was to cover the increased missing person reports filed in the Cheyenne area. It was proving to be her most difficult. The last three were children, their ages eleven to fourteen. They disappeared the night before while attending the home high school football game.
Local law-enforcement officers followed two bloody trails leading away from the stadium. However, their search ended when the falling snow concealed the tracks. A pack of wolves had settled in the area recently, raising the fear the animals might be responsible, but the prints did not appear lupine. They were not like any they'd seen. The next morning the kids were still not found and judging by the amount of blood at the scene, they held out little hope of finding them alive.
The fear of inciting widespread panic throughout the community and the risk of corrupting evidence should a barrage of media descend on them caused the officials not to release information about the case. If Johnny, Phoenix's editor's nephew, a rookie on the police force, hadn't called his uncle when the 911 call came in to the dispatcher, Phoenix would still be in Denver, out of harm's way.
* * *
Not far outside the city, beyond the underbrush, hidden out of view and earshot among magnificent tall blocks of solid rock formations, the whimper of a human youth waned. Replacing the hopeless cry were chilling sounds of ferocious snarls, teeth crushing bone, tearing of flesh, and eerie howls that echoed within the confinement of a grotto, as ruthless frenzied monstrosities fed upon their prey.
Had anyone been there to witness the spectacle, a pack of satanic beasts hauling tender bodies into a cavern and only nude bloodied human forms leaving once the carnage was over, it would have been beyond belief.
* * *
Phoenix was en route to the Cheyenne police station to interview detectives and the parents of one of the missing children, when all of a sudden he appeared in her path. The crash was inevitable and she struck him hard. He slammed into the windshield, shattering the glass on impact, and came to rest on the hood of her Camaro. With a firm grip on the steering wheel, eyes riveted on the road, Phoenix struggled to be in command of her car. The vehicle began to spin out of control. She shifted into reverse and floored the brake pedal, the lifeless body falling onto the highway. The Chevy slowed, yet continued to gyrate, eventually stopping by the side of the freeway.
Shaken, she stepped out of the car. The frigid wind and snow stung her face as she approached the man lying on the interstate. Oh God, please let him be alive, she prayed. When she leaned over him to check his vitals, he leaped to his feet. The creature towering above her was not a man. Unlike anything she had seen before, the appalling bestial form rose to its full height. Frightened, she tried to run away. The beast lunged at her, knocking her to the ground. He stood on his hind legs, threw his shoulders back and howled-exposing a muzzle of elongated doglike fangs. He was tall, rugged, and generously male, his body covered in coarse chestnut-brown fur. His hands and feet, although human, were distorted, exaggerated and cadaverous. Bent claws protruded from his fingers and toes. He resembled a wolf man much like the ones portrayed in movies. She assumed he must be a malformed wolf. What else could he be?
Phoenix froze as the carnivore crouched and circled her. Her body trembled as the curious man-like animal tilted his head and studied her. They ogled one another. She did not understand why, perhaps out of fear, but she smiled at the frightful thing. The expression on his face softened as a trace of uncertainty flashed in his unnatural yellow eyes.
Her heart hammered violently in her chest as the abomination leaned toward her. She considered running, but having observed his agility, she was confident the creature would outrun her. They stood muzzle to nose, his hot breath fanning her face. Moisture beaded on her skin, glistening like diamonds. She blinked feverishly as the sweat trickled down her forehead and stung her eyes. Too afraid to move, she was scared to wipe it away. The beast sniffed her hair. His enhanced sense of smell allowed her scent to permeate every molecule of his physically altered body. When he licked her she whimpered, his coarse tongue running from her chin to her brow. He placed his broad head against her shoulder and pushed. Phoenix did not move, and the monster's jaws closed around her upper arm. She shrieked as his fangs punctured her jacket sleeve and pierced her skin. The creature glanced at her and forcefully tugged on her, embedding its incisors even deeper. The searing pain hampered her efforts as she fought against him, and as a curtain of white draped her eyes, she felt relieved. At least she would not be conscious when the animal finished what he’d started. She'd fainted before, the opaque film blurring her vision the single warning sign of its onslaught, but to her dismay she did not pass out. She lost control and began to cry.
The beast released her. As if contemplating his next move, he paused. When his jaws closed around her arm again, she cried out expecting him to bite her, but he did not. Instead, he tore the sleeve from her jacket. His nostrils flared, his warm moist breath brushing against her exposed skin. She watched in horror as he licked her wounds. Then, as unexpectedly as he emerged, the beast disappeared. Phoenix wanted to walk back to the car, but she could not will her feet to move.
As her breathing and heart rate returned to normal, she regained movement in her limbs. She fetched her backpack, the first-aid kit and a bottle of water from the trunk, and settled into the driver's seat. As she wiped the remaining blood from her arm she grimaced, but to her bewilderment, the wounds had healed. Unnerved, she sped away.
* * *

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