Thursday, September 8, 2011


Next week, Angelic Knight Press will be publishing "Bipedal," written by Yvonne Bishop. It will be available on Smashwords and Kindle so that all the ebook options are covered. This is a short story about werewolves, love, the paranormal, erotica, and suspense.

I am very proud to be publishing this great short story as our first offering! It is a longer story-roughly 10,000 words-and the Angelic Knight Press family is excited to be putting this one out. Yvonne is especially happy of course, but Stacey is excited because it is her first edited tale for us.

Needless to say, Blaze is ecstatic. Our press was started to showcase this great story and more of Yvonne's shorts and my non-horror tomes. Now we will have "Bipedal", "Carnal Justice" written by Yvonne,  "Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls," our anthology, William Cook's novel "Blood Related" in December, and Cindy Keen Reynders' "The Seven-Year Witch" in January/February. And we will have another holiday treat coming as well. More on that later!

"Bipedal" will be priced at .99 cents, so you will be getting your money's worth for sure. We will also be having some giveaways;  look out for those! 

Planned date of release is September 14th, next Wednesday. More updates to come!


  1. This is a great story, Cindy! You will love it!


  2. So exciting, I love everyone' spirit at Angelic Knight Press. I definitely want a copy of Bipedal. Congrats Yvonne!

  3. Thank you, T.K.! You will love the book!


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