Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rise As One.

Joann Hamann-Buchanan wanted some flash fiction for her show today: romance with a little horror. This time, I did not pick on Stacey. I sent a poem. here it is. She read it on her show this morning. Enjoy.

Rise As One

In full moon light, I hid my face
to stay unknown in this dark place.

The birds and bats around me flew.
The recent dead had life anew.

I knew not if I would survive,
or if my life would take a dive.

But hope on hope, I had to know,
if my sweet love, her form would show.

Though for some time she had been dead,
I hoped her self I would not dread.

My love for her just would not die.
I hoped that death was a big lie.

And then she came with all her love,
so like an angel from above.

My hood I threw from off my head,
and both of us these words we said.

"Together we shall rise as one.
Our life down here is more than done."

And then so sweetly we arose,
with hand in hand the way we chose.

Blaze McRob


  1. Thank you, Cindy. And I didn't harm Stacey this time.


  2. Yay. You didn't play on any of my phobias this time! Very sweet, yet spooky.


  3. I gave you a reprieve, my friend! Good Blaze for a change!


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