Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Free Read

Today's Friday Free Read comes from the pages of Fifty Shades of Decay, and is one of only two I dare post online without an 'adults only' warning.

Fifty Shades of Decay is our spoof of that other Fifty Shades book, done zombie style. Because, well, someone had to do it, right? It actually has 51 short (under 2000 words) stories of zombies, lust, and love. Some are violent and gory, some are vaguely sweet, all are different takes on the theme. It's gotten good reviews from those who've read it, and mixed emotions from those who haven't.

Give Dan Lanerd's tale, "Ménage à Trauma," a look. It's mostly safe for work. And then look for our Monday Markdown on this interesting anthology.

Because, well, you know you want to ...


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Word Out Wednesday~

Today's Word Out Wednesday swag is a Fifty Shades of Decay T-shirt, size medium. Why not advertise your rather peculiar nature? I have one of these T-shirts and I wear it all the time. Of course, I enjoy those odd looks. :)

Today's shout outs should go to Fifty Shades of Decay, which can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailing sites. Here's the link to Amazon: 
and it's available in both Kindle and paperback forms.

Just tweet, Facebook share, blog, or post the link and I'll put you in the drawing to win a truly unique t-shirt...

And don't forget about our other great t-shirts! We just put up the design for Snow Globe yesterday. Head on over to TeeSpring and check it out.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Markdown Monday

Today's Monday Markdown title is the first in the Satan's Toybox series--Demonic Dolls. It was the first anthology put out by Angelic Knight Press and spawned a three anthology series. I think there is something inherently creepy about taking a child's plaything and turning it evil. And you'll certainly find these pages full of creepy.

Just use coupon code: XN38U at Smashwords to take 60% off the price of this title, making it a mere $2 for 18 stories.

Take a moment to let us know if you're enjoying our Monday Markdowns, Wednesday Word Outs, and Friday Free Reads. As always, we thank you for you support.



Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Free Read!

It's Free Read Friday! Where did the week go? Today's Free Read comes to you from the pages of Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls. Kate Monroe's contribution, "Lullaby," was one of my favorite stories and I think you'll like it as well. I want to thank Kate for allowing us to reprint her story here on our blog, and also to say, "Congratulations on the new arrival!" You can find our more about Kate on her blog.

I want to thank everyone who is following on our Free Read Fridays. If you don't mind, please give them a share. And if you're of a mind, leave us a comment either here or on our Facebook profile.

In other AKP news, we're looking for book reviewers and blog tour hosts. Both parties will receive a free copy of the eBook they're hosting and our undying gratitude. We ask for honest reviews. If you're interested in helping us out in either capacity, please email us at or message us on our Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Word Out Wednesday

Today's swag is a print copy of our Monday Markdown title, Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers. This copy features the original cover which was updated later to better suit the look of the other two titles in the series. I like that one, but this cover is still my favorite. This cover is no longer available. So whoever wins is getting not only a great anthology, but a special print version.

I'd like everyone to blog, tweet, or Facebook about Fairly Wicked Tales today. So far, it's our biggest seller this month and I'd really like to see it stay that way. As always, tweet, blog, Facebook the link to FWT and then let me know. For each occurrence, you get a chance to win.

Last week's winner is Tim Baker. I'll be sending him the Fifty Shades of Decay coffee mug.

Okay, folks, let's get the word out about Fairly Wicked Tales!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Mark Down Monday

Welcome to our second "Markdown Monday!" Our free read last Friday was a story from Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers, so this week's coupon is good for 60% off of that title at Smashwords. Just use this LINK and enter coupon code: PC48A. Then for $2 you can download whatever version of the eBook you require.

We hope you enjoy the book and the discount and will kindly leave a review, but you don't have to. All you have to do is click the link, save some cash, and read!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Free Reads

Today is our first Friday Free Read. That means you get to read a story from one of our incredible anthologies for free every Friday. They'll be put up on Friday and removed to make room for the next one the following Friday. That gives our loyal readers plenty of time.

To start off the program, I took a story from our Satan's Toybox: Toy Soldiers anthology. It happens to be one I wrote, but don't let that stop you from reading it. It's been a busy week and I didn't have to email myself for permission to post it. ;) This anthology will be discounted for our Markdown Monday next week, so if you like the story, stop by on Monday for the coupon code to buy. I promise you it's chock full of great stories!

So just click on the new tab for the Friday Free Reads page and enjoy a few minutes of free reading. By all means, if you like the stories and the program, please feel free to leave us comments.